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My Top 5 Favorite Homeschool Resources

June 20, 2016

When I started homeschooling my son 2 years ago, I can admit that I didnt have any ideas about what to do or use. Like with anything else, through talking with other moms, reading blogs and through my own trial and error, I found quite a few things that made my homeschool life much easier. So, without further adu, let’s get to the list, huh?


Teachers Pay Teachers is an amazing site that is filled to the brim with all types of printable worksheets, workbooks and coatless other educational tools.The best parts about it is that all of it is created by REAL teachers and educators. Plus, the prices are super affordable. For example, the worksheets run as low as 2.00 and go up to 5.00, depending on the complexity and package they are in. This site has been an indispensable resource for me since I started.

Lakeshore Learning

My son is a tactile and kinetic learner and needs to be involved with whatever he is learning. So, it requires me to have things that he can touch and interact with for his lessons. Lakeshore is my go-to place for really great resources. They have a great selection of STEM toys and activities that he really enjoys (actually, I do as well). Plus, as an added bonus, they recognize homeschool moms as educators and I was able to get a discount card for some great savings!


Yes, I know.. so cliche, but all jokes aside, I have found truly awesome ideas and techniques posted by others on Pinterest. Its a great resource to get ideas that I wouldn’t even have thought of for my son. The fabulous thing about it, I even find things that for myself! I have found great blogs and groups for myself that have made my homeschooling adventure a much easier one.


This is probably Both my son’s and my favorite. TinkerCrate is a subscription service offered by KiwiCrate that sends your child a STEM project every month. Along with a magazine that has even more projects for them to do, the projects themselves come with everything that is needed for the project.  The projects range from creating fiber optic stars to a hydraulic hand! All of the projects come with clear and easy to follow instructions and even links to video tutorials as well. My son literally watches for his box every month like clockwork.

Like I said before, these are just a few of the things that I use the most. Look out for more posts on all the other things I use to help in my homeschool journey. What are some of your favorite educational resources? Tell me in the comments or come tell me about it on Facebook.

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